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Sail Washing

Sails used in the ocean environment.

Sail washing helps to extend sail life by removing the salt and dirt that provides a medium for mildew growth. A sail that is heavily encrusted in salt can wear as the salt crystals do chafe away at the fabric and stitching. Sails that are washed regularly tend to dry more completely after use. Clean sails perform better in lighter air conditions as they do not hold the moisture that salty sails can in a humid environment. Humidity and salt can add a significant amount of weight to a sail.

Farrar Sails washing sails in house and by hand. We immerse the sails in large tubs using mild detergents and gentile agitation the sails are then soak in fresh water to rinse. This process preformed regularly washes salt and dirt from the sail reducing the likelihood of mildew growth. Tougher stains can be hand scrubbed with soft brushes when at the request of the customer. Sail washing unfortunately won't make your sails look like new again. It will help in making your sails last longer and will help in reducing the seaweed smell coming from the sail storage locker.

Mains, genoas and spinnaker are washed and billed by the pound. The price per pound between flat sails (mains and headsails) and spinnakers varies somewhat due to the surface area of light weight spinnakers. Sailcovers and awning that are washed using the same method as the sails are also billed by the pound. Sails requiring hand scrubbing along with canvas items that are heavily soiled or have windows are carefully hand washed are billed as a repair by the hour.