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The sails are great!

Hi Kevin:
The sails are great!
They arrived on Saturday am as planned (or hoped for) and we bent them on Saturday. It was a real westerly screamer. We don't get westerlies often - usually SW. Westerlies here are unpredictable, but usually vary from 10 to 30 on the same afternoon, with 20 degree shifts not uncommon.
We finished 3rd out of 7. It would have been a second, but I took a downwind flyer trying to catch the 1st boat.
The most critical part of the sail to me is the leach - it can't be too loose or you get fluttering and vibration. The leaches on both of these sails are just about perfect. The air is moving off them, and the cloth and construction should keep them that way and not become loose.
The jib is the best H-12 jib I've ever seen. Its shape is perfect - at least from what I look for in sail shape. I'm still playing with the main - loosening and tightening everything the gaff and foot outhauls, the luff/throat halliard. I'll get it right this weekend.
I haven't finished installing all the spinnaker gear, but we'll be flying the kite this weekend.
I'm going to ask a powerboat friend to take some pics this weekend, and I'll send them to you.